Bigcommerce Acquires Zing To Expand Omnichannel Retail Capabilities

E-Commerce provider gains new tools for servicing retailers that have both online and brick-and-mortar stores.

Posted: 30-04-2015

How To Use Quantitative And Qualitative Data For Search

If you want to better understand your target audience, both qualitative and quantitative research are key. Columnist Shari Thurow outlines a variety of research methods.

Posted: 13-04-2015

Amazing Ways Marketers Can Use First-Party Data

Contributor Alistair Dent brings us part two in a multi-part series exploring the data landscape, what it means for marketers, and what you can do yourself.

Posted: 27-03-2015

After Cutting Its Teeth On iTunes & Amazon, GeoRiot Now Offers Link Solutions For All E-Commerce Companies

"When we're doing our job well, you don't know we exist," says CEO and co-founder Jesse Lakes.

Posted: 26-03-2015

The Data-Driven Art Of Digital Marketing

Digital marketers today have an abundance of data at their disposal, and columnist James Green notes that determining how to best utilize all these data points is truly an art form.


Posted: 24-03-2015

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